Maps Burney Area

Maps Burney Falls Camping Area

BFTR AKA Burney Falls Resort LLC is just across Burney Creek the from McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, the Pacific Crest Trail, Lassen National Forest, and Lake Britton with plenty of RV and Trailer camp sites. Burney Falls camping is one of the best places for northern California camping.

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Maps Burney Area- We have several maps showing the Burney Falls, Shasta County, and Northern California. Just Click on the one you want to see.

Places to visit:

Many great places to bike or hike right from the campground, such as


In ending, Burney Falls camping is Northern California camping’s most central local to see the 8th wonder of the World and BFTR AKA Burney Falls Resort LLC is right next door with full camping services.